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Universal Monsters Return Thanks To Diamond Select

Source: Zach Oat / Diamond Select

Scary Monsters and Super Toys: Diamond Select Resurrects the Universal Monsters

Popular for going on 80 years now, the Universal Monsters are as undying in real life as they are in the movies. Since their debut, they've been reincarnated numerous times, through films, TV shows, model kits and especially toys, but their latest incarnation may be their most unspeakably beautiful. The Universal Select line of figures captures the world's most famous monsters in the 7-inch scale Diamond Select has made popular, with incredibly detailed bases and accessories. But if the accessories aren't as important to you, there's a more bare-bones line of Universal Monsters for sale at Toys "R" Us, with a third figure not available anywhere else. Following up on Series 1's Wolfman, Mummy and Creature from the Black Lagoon, we present Series 2, available in September 2011!


Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster has been the subject of dozens of films, but the most famous is still the 1931 “Frankenstein,” starring Boris Karloff as the Monster. Created from the body parts of the deceased and given life through artificial means, the Monster was misunderstood from the start, causing it to turn on its master, and on humanity. The Select figure re-creates Karloff’s Monster in fine detail and includes an in-scale copy of the operating table that gave him life. (Table not available with Toys "R" Us version.)

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Sleeping in a coffin by day and preying on beautiful women by night, the man called Count Dracula is not a man, but a vampire! And he has traveled from the mountains of Transylvania to London in search of more unsuspecting victims. The 1931 Universal adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel remains the most iconic, and the Select figure captures his dapper dress, as well as his heard, but unseen, alternate wolf form, atop a gravesite base. It also features an exclusive brooding head sculpt completely different from the Toys "R" Us version. (Wolf not available with Toys "R" Us version.)

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The Bride of Frankenstein

Only available in the Universal Monsters line, the Bride figure captures the female creation from the 1935 follow-up to "Frankenstein," "The Bride of Frankenstein." Picking up where the first movie left off, the sequel showed the monster's desire to be accepted, and his creator's attempt to provide him with a mate. But just because she was created through science like the monster, doesn't mean that she will be his Bride! (Only available at Toys "R" Us.)

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