Rabu, 01 Juni 2011

Cheapest webhost and free webhost

This day, there are many people run their business in the internet. People sell a lot of product in their online shop. Just like the real shop, you need to build the place to sell their products. But, you don't have to build the real building. You just need the virtual shop using blog or website. You should choose to build website if you want to make more professional online shop. Your website won't be able to be accessed if you don't have web hosting. There are many cheap web host service in the internet. You can choose the web host service which is suitable for your requirements. I have recommended cheapest webhost and also free webhost in the internet. I have used it too. These are some service provided if you choose free webhost service :

cheapest webhost, free webhost, 000webhost.com

If you wish to have a professional shared hosting quality in a free hosting package, come and host with 000webhost.com and experience the best service you can get absolutely free.

Founded in December 2006, 000webhost.com has a trusted free hosting members base of over 60,000 members and still counting! Offering professional quality hosting, support, uptime and reliability, we have a great community of webmasters, you'd love to be a part of!

Register now and get it all free:

*** 1500 MB of disk space

*** 100 GB of data transfer

*** PHP and MySQL support with no restrictions

*** cPanel control panel

*** Website Builder

*** Absolutely no advertising!

You can join them now. Here are the link.

If you don't want to choose free webhost, you can choose their cheap paid webhost.

Good Luck!

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