Jumat, 03 Juni 2011


Harvesting gas from Uranus could power an interstellar ... - Keol.Net
Helium-3 is a trendy new possibility for clean and efficient fusion power, but most of the Earth's supply has long since floated away like a party balloon. To.

Huawei Will Introduce MediaPad Tablet At CommunicAsia | Keol.Net
Huawei will unveil a new Android tablet at the upcoming CommunicAsia expo in Singapore on June 20th, 2011. Dubbed as the MediaPad, the gadget will be part of.

The Arrow Revolution Touchscreen Deadbolt | Keol.Net
The Arrow Revolution Touchscreen Deadbolt is an electronic, touchscreen door lock that comes with 25 different access code options and voice-guided programming.

The Ecopad tablet, charging via touch | Keol.Net
The Ecopad slate, tablet design new figure and don't use any external power source, but instead relying on a nano piezoelectricity film that gathers power.

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