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It all started with the sound check when we got to the venue of the concert in Auchi Edo State. The atmosphere was certainly meant to be a vibrant one.
Billed to perform at the annual concert courtesy of Nigeria Breweries were Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa Timaya, Sengemenge Mega Rich Stars KC Presh (winners of the first ever Star Quest years back), Obodo crooner Mr Raw Nwanne, Fimile Master KAS, The Diamondz (winners Star Quest 2010) and The Beats (current winners Star Quest 2011). To anchor the event was musician Jafextra while to man the Wheels of Steel was Whizkid Wonder DeeJay DJ Tonny Blaze (MoHits Official DJ).

The event kicked off around 10pm with a resounding and thrilling introduction of the host for the night Jafextra whose entrance was awesome and energetic that the home crowd could not help but marvel at his artistic display with one of his club banging tracks titled Okoli. This was followed up with performances from indigenous talents who really thriller their statesmen with their classy performances. Midway into the perormances by the local talents, the heavens let down a down pour that to the ordinary eyes would have seem a disruption but it turned out to be showers of blessing that turned the night into an explosive night of entertainment.

The host Jafextra went on to engaging the home crowd in an entertaining dance contest between selected young men and women from the crowd.
The current winners of Star Quest 2011 The Beats started the staccato night of fun with breath-taking displays as the crowd yelled to high heavens.
The Diamondz also set the stage on fire with a rendition of their musical prowess setting the night even higher.
Fimile Master KAS whose popular club banger "Fimile" is still causing a stir in the music industry entered the stage with his highly energetic dancers and the venue went up in rhythmic fire as he dealt beat after beat of musical ingenuity.
Obodo crooner Mr Raw (formerly known as Dat Nigga Raw) claimed the microphone and also set out to drive the Auchi people even crazier with musical notes from his current album titled End of Discussion. His act left the crowd gasping for breath ; "a display that could only be rivaled by only one act that nigh".

The host introduced DJ Tonny Blaze whose mastery of the art of disc jockey turned the venue upside down as the crowd danced and gyrated to his magical display on the 1's and 2's.
The crowd as psyched up as they were still yearned for more as the night seemed to be divinely destined to be fun-filled.
Sengemenge Mega Rich musicians KC Presh who before now had announced of their break up as a group climbed the stage with their croonies and once again the stage was electrified as they sang out their heart to their teeming fans; a fete which could only be termed as "a farewell performance".
By now the whole arena was totally super charged  and at the brink of losing it yet they all had one name on their lips....Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa Timaya.
Just like the resounding displays of ancient roman ampitheatre gladiatory clamour; when the host Jafextra introduced the Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa Timaya,  it took divine intervention for the crowd not to beat the able security provided by Lagos based security outfit K-Squared combined with that of the Nigerian Police.

When Timaya took to the stage with one of his Demmama Soldiers Lieutenant Recoba, the whole venue went up in a tumultous ovation. Close to thirty minutes the crowd was shouting, jumping and yelling out their lungs until the Bayelsa proud son signalled for total calm with a soronous high pitch intro of one of his songs. Alonside his able Lieutenant RecobaTimaya took the crowd to another higher hemisphere of entertainment with hit after hit of his songs both from his old albums to the oven fresh ones. For close to two hours and some minutes Timaya alongside Recoba held sway and sent the crowd to the heavenly atmosphere of entertainment. The crowd was totally drenched of further reaction after Timaya's performance that the moment he and Recoba dropped the microphone, the crowd set out home totally satisfied and thankful to Nigeria Breweries for bringing Star Trek to their home town.

Below are some pictures from the event.

Whizkid Wonder Dee Jay DJ Tonny Blaze

Eva Blazing
Recoba of Demmama Soldiers

Tonny Blaze setting up

Kas Fimile

Mr Raw Nwanne thrilling


Timaya & Recoba

One of the local talents

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